Supply and Procurement of Equipment

The provision of technical and engineering services to employers, without limiting itself to any specific brand, is one of the objectives of Houper Group. By gaining technical and engineering experience and using equipment with a various brand name for installation of systems, as well as having full knowledge of the standards and methods of implementing all types of systems, our company has always provided the employers with the best and most cost-effective offers in supplying and delivering equipment. Supply and procurement services include the followings:

• Import of all technical and engineering items and equipment
• Provision of special equipment and by testing at the place of origin
• Supply of equipment under CKD and SKD condition
• Supply a variety of telecommunication items and related equipment with related approvals
• Supply security systems with various brands
• Supply a variety of items for intelligent building system
• Supply a variety of items for electrical and instrumentation system
• Supply energy and power generators
• Provide proof of good manufacturing, supervising and transportation from the place of origin
• Provide licenses and software for the project
• Perform exact calculations for selecting the required brands
• Implement the requirements for product selection