Houper design

Houper provides integrated solutions by carefully examining and studying the needs of customers in various places and critical infrastructures, including transportation, buildings, public and urban places, oil and gas industry, mining, energy, medical treatment, medicine, and agriculture. The feasibility, simulation in design, standards, ease of use and smartness are the requirements that we consider in our products. The design of Houper products is done based on integration among systems, equipment, and the support of our partners. We will develop our solutions and make them even smarter to help our customers, and expand our systems more and more, in order to achieve more security and peace of mind.

Houper products

We send Houper products to resellers, customers, projects and Houper representatives in all parts of the world. We produce our equipment in several countries of the world, according to Houper's development plan. Our products can be integrated based on Houper's plans, and the expectations of users from software, firmware and hardware. With the help of our partners around the world, we develop our products for a wide range of applications and projects. Houper is bound to observe environmental laws in its products. Houper has close relations with prominent international brands in big projects for supply and integration.

Houper support

In all places where our products are installed, Houper representatives and experts provide support, update, and specialized training services. We are committed to customer satisfaction in using our products. Houper helps its dealers and representatives all over the world to have the necessary knowledge for the use of our equipment to keep them up and running in a wide range of applications. We have designed and built our equipment for long-term use in various places with the help of Houper's partners. In addition, the compliance with requirements and standards is mandatory for long-term use of our equipment.

News Traffic Detection and Analysis System

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The design of intelligent parking management system could be performed based on visual, ultrasonic and laser technology. The type of parking lot (covered or uncovered), as well as the technology required by the beneficiary, used to monitor the license plate will affect the choice of system type. Parking height and distribution method will also have a significant impact on system design. Smart payments by bank cards or credit cards, as well as offering special non-paid parking lots by smart tags, are the benefits of this system. Houper tries to reduce the traffic and gain the satisfaction of all customers, by accurate design and layout of equipment and signs of this system. This system has a fairly large amount of equipment inside the parking lot. Therefore, choosing the exact location of the installation will reduce the system error. The detailed management records of the system, including the number of vehicles, parking type, the amount of income by date, day and time helps to make decisions in the management of these places..