Design and Simulation Engineering

Houper has succeeded in providing a diverse range of services in a variety of projects with the help of professional specialists in design, simulation, and modeling. Based on the type and needs of the project, the group prepare a document list and formulate design engineering documentation for applying the required standards and quality assurance of the project. Design engineering services include the followings:

•Study the subject of the project and the engineering requirements for the implementation of the standard
• Deciding to choose the best practices and solutions for optimal implementation
• Choosing the best and most economical equipment in achieving the goals of the project
• Formulating design engineering documents and presentation of the document list of project systems
• Inter-system integration and interconnection to create inter-system synergy
• Estimate design engineering requirements and related documents to facilitate maintenance
• Software simulation of some systems to facilitate accurate implementation
• Modeling the systems to provide equipment and facilitate installation and maintenance
• Accurate calculation document in hybrid systems and extracting control parameters
• Detailed design of all integrated systems complete with descriptive documentation
• Providing the list of materials (LOS) and bulk material of the project along with accessories
• Documentation of international tenders in the world's most popular languages