HOP3304P Cassette 4 ports EPON OLT with 4*10GE uplink

Specifications :

  • Follow the IEEE802.3ahtechnical standard, follow the industry technical standard; 
  • Meet the relevant requirements for EPON OLT equipment in "China Telecom EPON Equipment Technical Requirements3.0";
  • The device is open and compatible, highly reliable, and supports mixed networking of different types of ONUs 
  • It is suitable for operator FTTH access, private network access, government and enterprise park access, campus network access and other access network construction;
  • Dual power supply design of the device, AC/DC can be flexibly selected, which is convenient for the application of equipment networking
  • Support IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack platform, support RIP/OSPF and other routing protocols
  • Support 1:64 splitting ratio, the whole machine supports 256 ONU access;
  • Support VRRP/ERPS/MSTP/Flex Link/Monitor Link and other link redundancy and network redundancy protocols;
  • Support ACL security filtering mechanism, provide MAC, IP, L4 port and port level security control functions
  • Support Ethernet OAM 802.3ag (CFM),802.3ah (EFM) and other Ethernet link detection mechanisms
  • Supports remote user authentication based on Tacacs+/Radius, and supports Local user authentication
  • Supports SP/WRR/SP+WRR priority algorithm to ensure the transmission of various priority traffic flows on demand
  • Support IPv4/IPv6 static routing function; 
  • Supports multi-port mirroring analysis and service flow-based image analysis.
  • Support static and flexible Qin function;

Physical Interface:

EPON port: 4 EPON ports, type GEPON SFP;
Uplink ports: 4 Gigabit ports, Gigabit ports are adaptive 10/100/1000M, type RJ45;
Uplink optical port: 4*10 Gigabit optical ports, 10 Gigabit optical port support gigabit light, type SFP/SFP+/LC;
Console port: manage serial port, used for device command line management, type RS232;
AUX debug port: out-of-band management interface for device Telnet/SSH/WEB login control, type RJ45;
USB port: USB interface, for device software upgrade, configuration upload and download, authorization ukey, type USB2.0;
RST port: reset interface, for manual reset restart of the device;

Working environment:

Operating temperature: -15C~55C;
Storage temperature: -40C~70C;
Relative humidity: 10%~90%, non-condensing;

Power consumption:

Power supply specifications: 1+1 redundant power supply, AC/DC optional;
Input power: AC: input 100 ~ 240V, 47 ~ 63Hz; DC: 36V ~ 75V;
Power consumption of the whole machine: full load power consumption ≤38W, idle power consumption ≤ 25W;

Mechanical structure:

Chassis shell: metal shell, air-cooled heat dissipation;
Power supply fan: The power supply is modular design and supports hot swap. Two fixed fans;
Chassis size: dimensions (L* W * H) (mm) 440 * 200 * 44;
Installation: Standard 19 inch 1U rackmount installation;