Installation, Implementation, and Operation

Houper has done his best to help the employers and contractors to implement the project. Our group’s expertise in implementing a wide range of systems and mastering equipment and solutions has enabled the contractors to face the challenges in implementing and performing operational procedures of engineering complex projects. The provision of such services has always created close collaboration and attracted the satisfaction of the beneficiaries. Houper services for installation, implementation, and operation include the followings:

• Review the project documents and the production of complementary documents for facilitating processes
• Carry out necessary coordination with associated organizations for project operations
• Obtain the licenses and standards from concerned organizations to speed up processes
• Implement all relevant technical and engineering infrastructure of systems
• Perform works in accordance with project schedule and risk management
• Implement and operate incomplete and defective systems
• Hardware and software integration to address system defects and deficiencies
• Programming and implementation of instrumentation and telecommunication control systems
• Implementation of various projects related to Houper activities
• Transfer technology to beneficiaries to facilitate repair and maintenance
• Development and production of repair documents and maintenance procedures in projects