Management Contracting

By mastering all project processes and providing a diverse range of services for all systems and equipment, Houpiran is the best provider of project management services. With the help of online communication solutions and using advanced online project management and control software, our group provides creative and up-to-date solutions for facilitating communication processes among various groups. Houpiran’s management contracting services include:

• Increasing the quality of the project
• Reducing project execution time
• Integration in project definition
• Boosting the monitoring and controlling project implementation
• Improving the reliability of the project’s quality and the final result
• Having a pragmatic approach to project implementation
• Reducing the risk of project implementation
• Optimum utilization of information technology in establishing a project knowledge base
• Creating synergy in the implementation of projects
• Choosing executives with the capabilities required for each project
• Preparation and submission of technical and legal documents for tenders and contracts for consulting, design, procurement, installation, and implementation.
• Installation and implementation monitoring services
• Supervision and contract management
• Negotiate with contractors and suppliers
• Evaluation of technical and commercial documents of contractors, consultants, and suppliers