Mission Statement
provision of engineering services by not relying on any brand, but relying on technology and invention of creative plans and methods, according to according to international standards in order to
provide a modern, safe and prosperous solutions


responsiveness to customer's need, protection of environment, adhering to the principle of preparation of engineering documents, preparation of plans on the basis of precise calculations and simulations, taking into consideration the customer's interests, enhancing the customer's safety and comfort, complimentary training, respecting the ethical principles, easing access to personnel’s excellent goals
knowledge-based decision making,

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  • HOUPER Head Office, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    8131 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L3T 2C6
    Tell : +16472598658
    Web: www.Houper.com
    Mail: Info(at)Houper(dot)com,