HOP3408Y Outdoor 8 ports GPON OLT with 4*10GE uplink

  • Complies with ITU-TG.984/G.988standards;
  • The device is open and compatible, with strong compatibility and high reliability, and can be flexibly compatible with any brand ONT;
  • It is suitable for operator FTTHaccess, private network access, government and enterprise park access, campus network access and other access network construction;
  • Dual AC power supply design of the device
  • Optional EDFA module
  • SupportSYPv4/IPv6 dual-stack platforms and IPv4/IPv6 static routing
  • Support 1:128 splitting ratio, the whole machine supports 1024 GPOON ONT access;
  • Support VRRP/ERPS/MSTP/FlexLink/MonitorLink and other link redundancy and network redundancy protocols;
  • Support ACL security filtering mechanism, provide MAC, IP, L4 port and port level security control functions
  • Support Ethernet OAM 802.3ag(CFM),802.3ah(EFM) and other Ethernet link detection mechanisms
  • Supports remote user authentication based on Tacacs+/Radius, and supports Local user authentication
  • Supports SP/WRR/SP+WRR priority algorithm to ensure the transmission of various priority traffic flows on demand
  • Supports multi-port mirroring analysis and service flow-based image analysis.
  • Support static and flexible QinQfunction;
  • Supports CLI command line management based on serial port, Telnet, and SSHv2 mode
  • Support RFC1213 SNMP network management;
  • Supports configuration management based on WEB pages;
  • Support the whole machine power failure alarm function;
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The HOP3408Y device is an OLT control center with GPON technology for industrial projects. With 8 GPON ports and 4 10G uplinks and 1 1G copper uplink and NMS accesses, it provides wide network features for various solutions. Houper OLT center is able to connect to various brands of modems, switches and OLT with its reliability, stability and expandability.
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It supports all standard OLT protocols and provides many fast and easy features for programming and configuring the device. Among its other advantages, there is the reliable redundant power. Its small dimensions makes it very suitable and economical for industrial, home, corporate and organizational projects.
Physical Interface:
  • GPON port: 8 GPON ports, type GPON SFP;
  • Uplink ports: 1 Gigabit ports, Gigabit ports are adaptive 10/100/1000M, type RJ45;
  • Uplink optical port: 4*10 Gigabit optical ports, 10 Gigabit optical port support gigabit light, type SFP/SFP+/LC;
  • Console port: manage serial port, used for device command line management, type RS232;
  • AUX debug port: out-of-band management interface for device Telnet/SSH/WEB login control, type RJ45;
Power consumption:
  • Power supply specifications: 1+1 redundant power supply, AC;
  • Input power: AC: input 100 ~ 240V, 47 ~ 63Hz;
  • Power consumption of the whole machine: full load power consumption ≤65W, idle power consumption ≤ 25W;
Mechanical structure:
  • Chassis shell: die-cast aluminum shell, natural heat dissipation;
  • Chassis size: dimensions (length * width * height) (mm) 370x295x152mm;
  • Installation: pole or wall hanging;