HOP28123-DTV Head-end Processor


Support flexible combination of different type of modules
Support up to 6 modules
Support IP input/output, RJ45/SFP interface, Unicast/Multicast
Support Web management, Updates via web
Single or Redundancy power supply for option
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HOP28123 DTV head-end processor is the new generation of intelligent headend processing equipment. This 1-U case comes with 6 independent module slots. Each module can be configured individually based on the applications including encoding, decoding, trans-coding, multiplexing, descrambling and modulating processing and the combination of all these functions.
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It supports multiple input and output interfaces and signal formats. With its powerful performance and low cost, HOP28123 is especially adequate for the new generation CATV system.
  1. 4 CVBS/SDI Encoding Module
  2. 4 CVBS Encoding Module
  3. 8 CVBS(or 8 audio) Encoding Module
  4. 2 HDMI/SDI Encoding/Transcoding Module
  5. 8 HDMI Encoding Module
  6. 4 HDMI/SDI Encoding Module
  7. 4 HDMI/SDI Encoding Module
  8. 2 Tuner Descrambling Module
  9. 4 FTA Tuner Module
  10. 8 FTA Tuner Module
  11. 4 frequencies Descrambling Module
  12. 8 FTA Tuner Module
  13. 4 ASI/IP Multiplexing Module
  14. 5 ASI Multiplexing Module
  15. IP De-Multiplexing Module
  16. ASI/IP Mux-Scrambler Module
  17. ASI TS Switch Module
  18. 16/32 QAM Modulating Module
  19. 48 QAM Modulating Module
  20. 8/16 ISDB-Tb Modulating Module
  21. 8/16 DVB-T Modulating Module
  22. 8 ATSC Modulating Module
  23. 2 HD-SDI Decoding Module
  24. 4 HDMI Decoding Module