Wireless system


Access to high-speed data transmission and communication networks is defined by wireless systems for portable and fixed equipment in various locations. Today, the wireless system replaces old copper wires in the offices and homes. In the past years, the progress of the wireless system has been good, and support for bandwidth and speed with increasing the number of users has attracted the customers' satisfaction. Today, internet and mobile phone service providers offer data services over broadband wireless networks, and some countries in the world are fully covered by the wireless network.

Consulting, Feasibility, and Simulation

Parking crisis has been afflicted many of the big cities and has always been a source of dissatisfaction with urban services in large places. Intelligent parking systems include an automated system for facilitating traffic and signs for choosing a parking lot, facilitating payment of parking fees, and ultimately a guiding system to get out of the parking lot. Smart parking systems have different types and use various technologies that can be designed according to customer requirements. With an accurate understanding of the types and benefits of each one, Houper tries always to offer a cost-effective solution for employers.

Supply of Equipment

Selection of the best products from all over the world in order to meet the needs of employers, provide cost-effective equipment with accurate knowledge of its features and capabilities, guarantee the quality and after-sale services of products for industries and mines, transportation, military and police, urban management, real estate and business, recreational and tourist centers, and maintaining structural integrity from Asian, European and American countries in the shortest possible time, as well as the use of domestic industries and the observance of the development of new technologies in these products and quality assurance to satisfy the employers' objectives are the services provided by Houper.

Installation, Implementation, and Training

Houper services include the implementation of all engineering operations with an emphasis on compliance with international standards, use of online software(ERP & CRM) to provide the employer with the reports on the performance the contractor, observance of environmental protection and HSE rules, the development of documentation during the operation, training during the operation, temporary and final delivery of the works, all to the approval of the employer and observance of all site rules to reduce possible damages, guarantee the quality of service and performance of the system after the final delivery of systems up to 10 years, provide parking management models.

News Wireless & Radio Devices System

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The development of software and hardware technologies has expanded virtual services. In the past, individuals were referring to different places to solve their problems, but providing virtual services on mobile, tablet, and portable systems, facilitated living conditions and made it easier to access resources and eventually offered many options to users. These services themselves require a vast communications infrastructure bound to main networks such as the internet. The provision of communication lines for this equipment is usually made by wireless networks and GSM. However, the provision of services for broadband and economical wireless networks has attracted the attention of service providers and users. Wireless bandwidth is capable of supporting the data required for security, safety, entertainment, data, and control systems. Today, mobile operators offer their services to wireless devices in different places around the world, and wireless equipment manufacturers have also been able to integrate with these operators. Houper is committed to providing secure and accessible services, through mastering 3D simulation software and offering precise design of wireless networks.