HOUPER Corporation

 Houper Corporation has in its possession a large number of factories for production of hi-tech equipment. Our subsidiaries are active around the world. HOUPER Corporation is trying to provide a completely different service, offer integration ideas and produce a diverse range of products in the world. The members of our group offer various services under Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing (EPCF) or Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models of contract in various countries of the world. Houper Corporation has attracted the attention of many experts in various sectors such as energy, engineering structures, intelligent systems, control, instrumentation, safety and security. Our Corporation supports over 85 smart systems. We have produced dozens of equipment in telecommunication, control, intelligent systems, navigation, and energy sectors. We have produced user applications as well. We have manufactured these products in different parts of the world and delivered them to the target market in accordance with Canadian standards. We believe that our group will capture a significant share of the target market in the future. The high quality of our products and services and our special capabilities will catch the customers’ attention.