Digital Signage System


Variety of multiple solutions to create value added in different sectors of the economy and the significant improvement in sales and services has become a knowledge and management policy in the world. In the meantime, intelligent advertising, with the help of technology-based systems and equipment, has had a significant impact on the development of this science in different parts of the world. With the help of business and marketing consultants and benefiting from vast branches of management knowledge, and mastering targeted and intelligent advertising, Houpiran is trying to provide up-to-date services in this area.

Consulting, Feasibility, and Simulation

Parking crisis has been afflicted many of the big cities and has always been a source of dissatisfaction with urban services in large places. Intelligent parking systems include an automated system for facilitating traffic and signs for choosing a parking lot, facilitating payment of parking fees, and ultimately a guiding system to get out of the parking lot. Smart parking systems have different types and use various technologies that can be designed according to customer requirements. With an accurate understanding of the types and benefits of each one, Houpiran tries always to offer a cost-effective solution for employers.

Supply of Equipment

Selection of the best products from all over the world in order to meet the needs of employers, provide cost-effective equipment with accurate knowledge of its features and capabilities, guarantee the quality and after-sale services of products for industries and mines, transportation, military and police, urban management, real estate and business, recreational and tourist centers, and maintaining structural integrity from Asian, European and American countries in the shortest possible time, as well as the use of domestic industries and the observance of the development of new technologies in these products and quality assurance to satisfy the employers' objectives are the services provided by Houpiran.

Installation, Implementation, and Training

Houpiran services include the implementation of all engineering operations with an emphasis on compliance with international standards, use of online software(ERP & CRM) to provide the employer with the reports on the performance the contractor, observance of environmental protection and HSE rules, the development of documentation during the operation, training during the operation, temporary and final delivery of the works, all to the approval of the employer and observance of all site rules to reduce possible damages, guarantee the quality of service and performance of the system after the final delivery of systems up to 10 years, provide parking management models.

News Digital Signage System

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With the development of various technologies in the field of analysis, processing, information, touch screens, high-speed networks the use of various hardware has made it possible to offer a wide range of suggestions to the customers for implementing and designing intelligent systems for advertising. Today, with the help of the above equipment, former methods of decoration and announcement are going to be outdated. New ways of advertising with the help of ultra-slim and touch-screen monitors, mini-computers, and artificial intelligence patterns has enhanced users’ satisfaction. The special combination of art and architecture with smart communication increases the importance and complexity of this issue. Also, creating two-way interactions in order to attract new customers, moving toward 3D effects and above, combining art and the environment on the scene, and the use of augmented reality have made it desirable and economical to achieve the goals of employers, and create intermittently added value without dependence on hardware changes. With the help of various customer’s behavior analysis and processing systems, video surveillance system, access control system, RFID, augmented reality system, and AI management software we can outline the best option and choice for targeted advertising, and offer more sales to beneficiaries.
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