Triple-Band Dual-Polarized BTS Antenna-ZBA-3X15.5
ZBA-3X is a directional Dual-Polarized Triple - Band BTS antenna covering the Entire spectrum in use for 4G, 3G/UMTS PCS, AMPS and GSM wireless systems 
ACL230 is an active cross dipole antenna for HF frequency band. The antenna is consist of two orthogonal cross loop elements and an active low noise board implemented at the bottom of the cross loops. The active board create a low impedance matching at HF band for cross loop antenna and also added 28 dB Gain to the received signal with 60 dB rejection for out of band signals. The antenna is a good candidate for HF monitoring and direction finding applications.


• Directional radiation pattern with 65 azimuth coverage
• Dual-polarized operation suitable for polarization diversity
• Electrically adjustable down-tilt angle up to 14o in elevation
• Wideband operation
• Exceptional intermodulation characteristics
• High quality fiberglass radome and standard mounting kit.