HOUPER's Perimeter surveillance radar

Perimeter surveillance radar is able to apply in different weather circumstances through utilizing the cutting edge technology as well as locating different objectives in absolutely crowded areas.
The radar has been constrained around 2000 meters. The equipment can spot and follow up all still, seated and lying objects in the restricted areas.
The radar can be installed on between 1.5 to 10 meters heights in accordance with the application and coverage area.
The radar can operate between -20 c up to 60 c
The advantages of the system:

Coverage capabilities up to 2000 m Absolutely high sensibility
Installable on the 1.5 up to 10 meters heights
Ability to spot the targets in software.
Low battery consumption
High software efficiency
Customizable software in accordance with user’s requirements.
Integrated protection and control system with the ability Connected to video surveillance & PIDS & Access Control and Central monitoring over LAN
In order to prevent or control any traffic on borders, sensitive areas such as airports, railways, ports, highways and tunnels, petrochemical plants and refineries, hazardous centers, military sites, electricity and water transmission lines, dams and power plants, museums and banks, Houper offers smart solutions to protect the safety and security of citizens and help promote the management of sites by intrusion detection radars.