Houper's Multiband Fiber Optic Repeater System

FO Multiband Repeater System consists of two sub systems, Fiber Master Unit(FMU) and Fiber Repeater Unit(FRU) in which one Fiber Master Unit could connect to maximum 6 Fiber Repeater Units in a parallel topology.
Desired signal from BTS Hotel is transmitted to Fiber Master Unit(FMU) via its point of Interface(POI), then the FMU distributes the signal through Fiber Optic cables to Fiber Repeater Units(FRUs). In the FRUs, signals from any of the Mobile Network Operators(MNOs) are repeated for both uplink(UL) and downlink(DL).
Critical parameters are editable through Network Management System(NMS) Software which is accessible via LAN and RS232 interfaces on the Fiber Master Unit(FMU).
The MFOR System is capable of receiving signals from both physical connection and Off-Air.
On the FRU’s output, all desired signals are combined by means of a multiplexer and connected to an antenna or a leaky cable.

• Support for all cellular standards (Public Safety, 2G-900, 2G-1800, 3G-2100 and 4G-2600)
• Customizable Frequency bands on the FRUs
• Fiber Optic transmission infrastructure with redundancy
• Up to 20Km Optical transmission range
• Ultra low noise figure on uplink
• Simplicity of implementation and application
• Internal built-in test tone for diagnosis purposes
  • The places where you need good signal and strong data for mobile and Tetra
  • Large buildings and megamalls
  • Hotels and places in the mountains, forests and vast plains
  • Sports centers, crowded libraries and restaurants
  • Places in remote areas or blind spots of the signals on streets
  • Airports, terminals, universities and mines