V/UHF Direction Finder System
Model: IDF53Q4

The broadband direction finder system operating in the frequency range 20MHz to 3GHz, IDFQ4, has the ability of real-time broadband monitoring which comes along with a real-time direction declaration of all existing carrier signals in the valid frequency range. It is notable that IDF53Q4 is a tactical mobile DF system which is designed to be mounted on tactical motor vehicles using a winch elevating pole.
The complete installation process could be done in 30 minutes by two individuals. This system uses two ring-shaped arrays of 5-elemented antennas for covering frequency ranges 20MHz to 500MHz and 500MHz to 3GHz.
• Shortened in length special designed passive antenna with higher directional finding capabilities
• Easy to mount on motor vehicles in less than 30 minutes
• Modern telecom signal directional finding ex. Spread Spectrum, Fixed Frequency, Frequency Hopping and burst
• Possibility of choosing between high directional resolution option and high speed test option in order to work with time-limited burst signals
• Optimized band width searching and autonomous direction finding of activated wave carriers
• Advanced User-Friendly UI with wide variety of featured charts and etc