V/UHF Direction Finder System
Model: IDF50Q2

Wideband direction finder IDF50Q2 is a stationary DF with an installed antenna at the top of a high mast, and it can be the main system for frequency monitoring and accurate direction finding. This system is usually mounted at the highest point of the site, therefore it is equipped with an active lightning rod to eliminate the secondary effects of lightning. This system is able to monitor a wide range of frequency as well as finding the direction of all active signals in a real-time computing. This system can exploit two different antennas DAA502 and DAA501. Antenna DAA501 is made up of three rings of passive dipole elements with covering 3-20GHz frequency range. Antenna DAA502 is made up of two rings of passive dipole elements. Due to the lightness and smallness of this antenna, it is exploited for situations in which the transportation and installation of antenna is difficult. The lower antenna ring consists of fine disc loaded dipole antennas with covering frequency range of 700-20 MHz, and the upper antenna ring consists of five dipole antennas with covering frequency range of 700-3000 MHz.

• High direction finding accuracy due to the height and the dimension of antenna
• Direction finding of modern communication signals such as burst, frequency hopping, fixed
frequency, and spread spectrum
• Direction finding of short-time burst signals
• Optimal search of frequency bandwidth, and automatic direction finding of active carriers
• User friendly interface with capacity for displaying various figures