V/UHF Band Monitoring System
The VUMOS is a comprehensive and a flexible platform, which enables acquisition, processing and recording of radio signals on V/UHF frequency bands. The VUMOS system covers frequency range of 20MHz to 3GHz. This platform has the ability of automatic searching, monitoring and processing of signals on the specified frequency band.
Main subsystems of the platform
• A set of OMNI directional antennas with both Horizontal and Vertical polarizations for full coverage of the frequency band
• A receiver with 80MHz working bandwidth for searching and monitoring purposes
• Two receivers with 40MHz working bandwidth for handoff purposes
• A 4x4 multi-switch with proper phase noise, for connecting Antennas to any of intended receivers
Software operational features

• Automatic Modulation Recognition (AMR) of analog and digital signals with significant accuracy
• Automatic Protocol Recognition (APR) for a number of protocols with significant accuracy
• Automatic and manual demodulation for analog and digital signals (AM, FM, LSB, USB, FSK, PSK, and QAM) with the ability of decoding for a number of protocols
• Detection and processing of frequency hopping signals. (up to 500 H/s).
• Parallel and real-time processing of 32 Narrow-Band signals in 80MHz Bandwidth
• Two handoff processors with the ability of monitoring and processing up to 500 signals
• Recording Narrow-Band (3 KHz - 164 KHz) and Wide-Band (up to 80 MHz) signals
• Logging and recoding signals including their characteristics into a Database