HF Direction Finder System
Model: IDF10Q

The ground-based broadband direction finding system operating in the frequency range of 300KHz to 30MHz, IDF10Q, is mainly used in frequency Surveying ground stations. This system uses bigger antennas in size, thus it benefits from increased Surveying quality and decreased signal interferences.
The IDF10Q has three sets of antenna options which are 8-element, 10-element and 12-element antennas in 2D-linear configuration. The system gives Azimuth and Elevation data of a receiving signal and could be used as a Single Site Location (SSL) directional finder station.


  • Capable of detecting targets close to each other
  • Very high directional finding accuracy
  • High interference resistance
  • Multi-track directional finding
  • Advanced User-Friendly UI with a wide variety of featured charts and etc.
  • Capable of detecting targets with different signal polarizations by a double right-angled ring antenna