Airborne VHF-UHF Direction Finder
Model: IDF51Q

The Airborne Broadband direction finder system operating in the frequency range 100MHz to 2GHz, IDF51Q, is an aerodynamic special designed DF for using on small-sized airplanes like UAV or other kinds of model aircrafts. IDF51Q uses the advantage of better observation from an altered point from the earth rather than ground-based DFs.



• Better observation and results in comparing to ground-based DFs
• Easier observation on impassable regions, including forests, mountain ranges and etc.
• Easier and Faster access to surveying zones
• More steady and compatible results in special situation like different weather conditions
• Advanced Position finding system further than the other DFs
• Better operational performance due to the target specifications
• Convenient vehicle-mountable mobile design
• Optimized for using on aircraft flying at altitude equals to 4500 meters from the sea level and at the speed of 140-300 Km/h
• Capable of communicating with the grounded operational commanding center
• Usable in a wide variety of applications ex. Country's border safekeeping, military monitoring, radio spectrum monitoring and etc.