EPC projects

The execution of the project by a single group specialized in the design, purchase, and implementation process is the request of most employers. Considering the provision of a wide variety of services for systems and equipment, Houpiran provides the employers with the best quality services at the stage of EPC project implementation. The services of this group in the field of EPC projects include:

• Design and production of engineering, purchase and implementation documents
• Production of project schedules according to project goals
• Simulation and modeling of project systems in design and implementation
• Production of system performance scenarios
• Extraction of the list of materials, services and on-going activities of the project
• Supply and procurement of all equipment and systems related to the project and activities
• Insurance and transportation of equipment and conducting an inspection to ensure about the quality of/ and defects in items at the place of origin
• Implementing the infrastructures for facilities, mechanical and electrical equipment
• Installing all systems and equipment in accordance with engineering documents
• Integration of all systems
• Implementation of the project in accordance with the objectives and scenarios