VHF-UHF Direction Finder System
Model: IDF53Q3
The broadband direction finder system operating in the frequency range 20MHz to 3GHz, IDFQ3, could be easily used by one operator and is quickly mountable and demountable on typical standard vehicles which makes it very convenient to geographical repositioning in operation. The ability of real-time broadband monitoring comes along with a real-time direction declaration of all existing carrier signals in valid operating frequency range. This system uses two ring-shaped arrays of 5 elemental antennas where the first array is constructed of 5 active-dipole antennas with an impedance-matching circuit and a low-noise amplifier (LNA) for frequency range 20MHz to 740MHz coverage and the second array is constructed of 5 passive-dipole antennas for frequency range 20MHz to 3GHz coverage.
• Convenient vehicle-mountable mobile design
• Modern telecom signal directional finding ex. Spread Spectrum, Fixed Frequency, Frequency Hopping
and burst
• Possibility of choosing between high directional resolution option and high speed test option in order
to work with time-limited burst signals
• Optimized band width searching and autonomous direction finding of activated waves carriers
• Advanced User-Friendly UI with wide variety of featured charts and etc.