Position Finder-TPFX0Q

The wideband position finder TPFx0Q exploits several direction finders in order to locate HF/VHF/UHF/SHF transmitters by triangulation. To do so, TPFx0Q synchronizes the direction finder systems, i.e. each direction finder measures exactly at the same frequency at the same time. Each direction finder takes a reliable bearing of any detected signal, and the signal is located with maximum accuracy by triangulation. In addition, synchronization is highly accurate due to the use of GPS.


• Position finding of conventional communication signals with digital and analogue modulation
• Position finding of non-conventional signals such as frequency hopping, burst, and chirp
• Tracking the moving targets
• Classifying the transmitters based on the type of received signals
• Ability of filtering the known transmitters based on their frequencies and locations
• Displaying the location of transmitters on the digital map, and capacity of adding new maps by users
In TPFx0Q system, at least three direction finder systems connect to the base station using wired or wireless network. In the base station, the user can select the frequency interval for direction finding. Using GPS signal, each direction finder station synchronizes itself with the base station control and the other direction finder stations. The obtained information in each direction finder station, i.e, frequency, direction, amplitude, and time are compressed and transmitted to base station. In the base station, all data will be processed, and the locations of different transmitters are calculated, and displayed on digital map.